Snap Recordings Client Spotlight: Fuel I.T. Services

Snap Recordings Client Spotlight Fuel IT Services

Providing an array of I.T. services to a variety of customers, Fuel I.T. Services provides an enormous amount of support for their clients. Through offering consulting services related to the management of I.T. resources, Fuel I.T Services work with customers to help them understand if their I.T. systems are running efficiently. This can include an evaluation of the hardware and software systems as well as the utilization of human resources. In order to expedite their service with the utmost quality, a lot of communication is involved. To help give Fuel I.T. Services’ voice a high quality tone and instant credibility, they engaged with Snap Recordings to provide professional studio-mastered telephone greetings and on-hold messages.

“The recordings we implemented on our phone system gave us the professional image that we needed. When a customer calls our business they are greeted in a way that presents professionalism and organization,” shared Jed Leviner, president of Fuel I.T. Services.

Customer satisfaction is Fuel I.T. Services’ end result. They pride themselves on providing a high quality service. As a managed service provider, Fuel I.T. Services also offers Ring Central phone services to their clients. Fuel I.T. Services were so pleased with the quality and ease of their telephone greetings by Snap Recordings that they decided to use Snap for telephone greetings and on-hold messages on systems that they sell to their own customers.

“So many of the businesses in our industry provide less than optimal service at very high rates. In fact, this was the motivation to form Fuel I.T. Services. In today’s market, customer service is a dying art,” shared Leviner. “I value customer service and the reason why I chose to work with Snap Recordings is because their customer service is stellar.”

When Leviner had to make some changes to his existing Snap Recordings, he was given “extremely helpful, polite and prompt” customer assistance. “It was very refreshing to receive this level of customer support. I didn’t get passed around to multiple people, I just got a prompt, accurate and proper resolution to my issue,” explained Leviner.

Jed Leviner has been in the I.T. services business for over 12 years. He created Fuel I.T. Services in 2012 and continues to be a premium provider of information technology services. Serving as the I.T. department for customers at all levels, Fuel I.T. Services offers their products and services at an affordable rate to any size business. From selling hardware and software, to design implementation and consulting — Fuel I.T. Services strive to provide the same level of support you would expect from a full-time in-house I.T. department and they can deliver that at a fraction of the cost.

To learn more about Fuel I.T. Services, please visit their Website at

To learn more about how Snap Recordings can help your business, visit us at

Snap Recordings Client Spotlight: Fuel I.T. Services

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