5 Bad Examples of On-Hold Business Telephone Messages

What does your business telephone on-hold messaging say about your brand? We really hope you don’t fall into any of our five bad examples of on-hold business telephone messages below. If so, you’ll need to pay a visit to SnapRecordings.com so we can help you brand the voice of your company to success.

Selecting on-hold messaging that represents your company’s brand consistently across every customer interaction is of the utmost importance in acquiring and retaining customers. With the same idea of welcoming your online customers with an attractive and easy-to-use Website, businesses also need to do the same with their telephone greetings. If a customer of yours has to wait on-hold for a few minutes or more, you want to make sure they are getting the most out of their wait time by listening to helpful marketing message pertaining to discounts, promos and updates about your product or service. You also want to make sure you have a pleasant selection of on-hold music that your customer can enjoy while they wait to speak with you.

Below are five bad examples of on-hold business telephone messages you should avoid at all costs. If you fall into any of the categories below, you’re probably losing customers.

Using a Local Radio as On-Hold Music
There are so many things that can go wrong if you’re using this horrible example of on-hold telephone messages. Not only is tapping into the local radio station as your on-hold music for your business illegal (unless you’re paying royalties), but you have no control over what your customers are being exposed to. Let’s say for example, the local radio station airs a commercial for a competitor of yours. This commercial may highlight an incredible discount and/or new products and services that your potential customer who is currently waiting on-hold to speak with you, may find of immediate value. What happens next? The potential customer drops your call and dials your competitor’s phone number to give them some new business. You lose.

A Lyrical Disaster
Whether due to the lyrical content or tone, inappropriate on-hold music can really hurt your business. This is why it is extremely important to select specific on-hold music that is made especially for your audience. Take a look at the disastrous real-life examples of inappropriate on-hold music.

  • A hospital casualty unit found to be playing the “FuneralMarch” by Chopin.
  • A clothing firm specializing in larger sizes for women playing Queen’s “Fat-Bottomed Girls.”
  • One company advised its callers that their call would be answered shortly and then were played the chorus of “Rocket Man” by Elton John, “I think it’s going to be a long, long time…”

That is what pop-culture would refer to as a #FAIL.

The Robotic Recording on Loop
If this doesn’t remind you of the analog 80s, then I don’t know what to tell you. It’s 2013 and absolutely no business should have this type of on-hold messaging. I’m talking about the robotic voice that greets you with, “We’re sorry, someone will be with you shortly. Please hold.” To top it all off, this general and non-informational on-hold greeting loops every 30 seconds which will surely result in a very unhappy customer who’s driven to madness and thus hangs-up the phone.

Music that Does Not Represent Your Brand
Let’s say you’re searching for ways to help you relieve stress. Your online searches lead you to a meditation center that hosts a variety of meditative classes. While dialing the number to this business for further information, you’re placed on hold while listening to what sounds like Metallica. Does that make sense? No, it does not. Be sure to select an appropriate genre of music that your customers can listen to while you place them on-hold. Although you may have your personal musical favorites that you’d like to add as your on-hold music, that doesn’t matter here. What matters is that you pair your on-hold music with a style of music that will keep those customers waiting for you on the line while getting a feel for your brand.

Dead Silence
Nothing can be more discouraging than the sound of dead silence while being placed on-hold. Like falling into a deep and dark abyss, a potential customer can get lost in the dark. At one point, they may even question if you’re still on the line with them. No response or sound = hang-up.

While you may or may not fall into one of the above examples, Snap Recordings can help you out and turn those on-hold potential customers into returning customers. Visit us at SnapRecordings.com to get started on your business telephone greetings and messages.

Have a listen below to some GREAT on-hold business telephone messages.

5 Bad Examples of On-Hold Business Telephone Messages

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